Due to the tight financial situation, it is difficult to get a corporate loan from a traditional bank, or alternatively the collateral must be in order. For this reason, the popularity of unsecured corporate loans has increased in Finland.

Unsecured Corporate Loan means a loan where the company is not required to have any money or property security on the loan.

Unsecured business loan


Applying for an unsecured business loan is nowadays easier, businesses of all sizes can apply for a business loan and apply online quickly.

An unsecured corporate loan can range in size from a thousand euros to as much as five million euros and can be extended for several years. The cost of unsecured corporate loans is fully deductible in accounting , which is a significant advantage when planning finance.

What kind of loan should I apply for?


The amount of loan your company needs and what it is used for will determine which loan to apply for. For example, it is advisable to apply for funding for larger projects through Good Financen or, for example, to secure a secured bank loan. On the other hand, if you need a loan for a smaller project, BusinessCredit and Loan24 Business are good and clear pricing options. Below you will find more detailed information on corporate loans.

Good Finance is a fast and secure financial solution provider for companies of all sizes. Through the service it is possible to apply for a business loan of $ 1,000 – $ 300,000. The loan period is three months to five years, depending on the loan amount. Financing is quick and even larger loans can be obtained within a few days . Corporate loans are unsecured and the cash flow of the company is a more important criterion for the borrowing company’s assets.

Each company applying for a loan will determine the best financing method and the interest rate for the loan will be determined, inter alia, by the following elements:

  • Purpose of loan money
  • Reality of financial calculations
  • Possible financial statements of previous years
  • Business plan for new businesses
  • Bisnode’s estimate of the company applying for the loan

Co-operation projects 


The funding applied for through Good Finance is well suited for co-operation projects where the bank acts as the main financier, for acquisitions, for divested banks (such as construction and transportation) and as a replacement for invoice sales.

Loan24 Business offers the largest corporate loan only for small businesses. The loan can be obtained from $ 2000 to $ 250,000 and the loan can be repaid within 6 to 24 months.

The loan product is clear as it is reduced monthly in monthly installments. Loan24 Business offers loans to companies with

  • has been in business for at least 6 months
  • annual turnover is over 50,000 $
  • management operates in Finland.

The loan application is easy to fill out here and the money will be available up to one business day after the application is approved. Loan24 Business does not make a loan decision based on its credit rating, but is based on cash flow.

Applying for a business loan is completely free and obliges you nothing. Loan24 Business does not require collateral, interviews or paperwork, everything is done electronically.

Loan24 Business discount code : Currently Loan24 Business offers a 100% discount on the opening fee. To get the offer, enter the promo code WINTER when applying for a loan. The code is valid until further notice .

Business Credit is a Business Loan for small businesses offered by WS Finance Oy. Through the service it is possible to apply for a loan of $ 1,000 – $ 100,000 to a company. The loan period is 3-18 months.

Business Credit’s Corporate Loan is clearly priced as the costs consist of a mere delivery fee. You can easily see the cost with a counter on BusinessCredit’s website. Apart from the delivery fee, there are no other costs associated with the loans.

BusinessCredit requires a personal guarantee from an individual. Up to a loan of $ 20,000, one guarantor is enough. Larger loans require two guarantors. The guarantors shall be stated in the application.

Business Credit requires the following company and its responsible persons to apply for a loan:

  • The company must be registered in the trade register and be Finnish
  • Company executives must be reputable
  • The company must not have payment defaults
  • The guarantor (s) must not be in default of payment.

Repaid monthly in equal installments


The loan is repaid monthly in equal installments, and the amount of the installments is also visible on the counter. There is no need to collect traditional financial documentation for financing , but creditworthiness and approved loan amount are calculated based on an estimate of the borrower’s business. The loan decision is promised even within the same day and applying for a loan offer is free .