Many people do not know the difference and how to choose between a loan or a financing . There are numerous possibilities for obtaining credit, which makes it even more difficult for consumers to choose and know.

Credit can be used for various situations, such as buying a property, such as a house, an apartment, a car, a motorcycle, or for an investment in a business, for example.

Often, when a consumer needs credit, he does not know where to get it, how to do it and what is the best option.

Knowing the particularities of a loan or a financing can clear up the ideas a lot and allow the consumer to make the best decision when he needs to hire a credit service.

Both services can be purchased through banks and financial institutions that are usually strict at the time of credit release. FinTechs of credit are usually more flexible and very agile in the approval and release of credit.

Both a loan and a financing are only granted after a credit analysis that evaluates the probability and ability of the applicant to pay all installments of the contracted service, which aims to reduce the default.

After all, what is the difference between loan and financing ?

After all, what is the difference between loan and financing ?

It is very important to know the differences between a loan and a financing before hiring them.

The loan and financing services are based on a contract between a consumer and a financial institution where the applicant receives a value at the time of contracting the service and undertakes to return the same amount in addition to the interest previously agreed between the parties.

However, the main difference between the two services is that, in the loan, the applicant does not need to inform the purpose of the credit, which can be used in any way.

Already in the financing, the amount received needs to have a specific destination, such as buying a car or a house, for example.

By having a defined objective, the financing presents lower risks for the financial institution, since the good to which the credit was destined is usually left as guarantee of payment.

As a result, interest from this type of transaction is usually much lower than that of a loan.

Already in a loan, the consumer does not define how the credit in question will be spent, increasing the risks of who is granting it. As a result, interest rates rise and the payment deadline drops. However, its bureaucracy is often less than that of funding.

Thus, it is clear to understand that the main characteristics of a loan are:

  • Do not require reasons for hiring;
  • Most options do not ask for a good as a payment guarantee;
  • He has less bureaucracy in his hiring;
  • Interest is usually higher to balance the possibility of default.

And that the main peculiarities of a financing are:

  • The requestor needs to say where and how he will use the available credit;
  • The good that will be acquired becomes guarantee of payment;
  • Interest is usually lower;
  • The amount made available is delivered directly to the seller of the property purchased.

That is, loans and financing have advantages and disadvantages and it is the duty of the consumer to decide what is the best way to achieve their goal.

What are the benefits and care of the loans?

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There are numerous advantages of getting a loan.

Each financial institution has its own rules for granting a loan. However, all of its main features are usually maintained in order to be advantageous to the applicant.


One of the main advantages of getting a loan is to be able to negotiate better interest rates if the payment happens in a short time.

In addition, when a property is left as collateral, such as a property or a jewel, interest rates also tend to be lower, since it is unlikely that the financial institution will have any kind of loss with this type of transaction.

The payment flow of the contracted installments is usually adequate to the applicant’s budget, including the receipt of extras such as vacations, for example.

The due date of the installments can be defined by the applicant, who can define it as the same date of receipt of his payments, as the salary. However, the date chosen for the first month will be the same for all months.

Loans also possess tremendous agility during credit analysis and the release of money into the applicant’s account.



Before closing a loan agreement, the applicant needs to pay attention to some points and take some care, such as researching a lot before deciding to hire this type of service at some financial institution. It is essential that all conditions are carefully weighed and understood so that the consumer is not harmed.

Some people who claim to be able to streamline any type of loan, which usually characterizes scams in which the person gets without the amount spent by the person’s service and without his so dreamed loan.

It is important for the requester to keep in mind that your data must always be protected.

That is, it is essential that any data be granted, as data from the current account, only after verification of the legality and authorization of the financial institution in question with the Central Bank. If the applicant is retired, it is also necessary to check if the place is agreed to the INSS.

It is also essential that the contract is read carefully, especially if the applicant has requested some type of fast and easy credit.

It is necessary to know what the fees charged by the institution are in order to know if they are abusive or even illegal, as in the case of early deposit fees.

What are the advantages and care of financing?

It is very important to know the advantages and care of a financing before hiring this service.

Carrying out a financing can bring several advantages while consuming, but can also generate some headaches.

Therefore, it is essential to know your positive points and all the care that this service involves.


One of the great advantages of contracting a financing is the lower interest rates and the flexibility of the deadlines that can reach, in some cases, 30 years, as in the purchase of a property, for example.

In addition, by having the good that was purchased as a payment guarantee, it is a service that is easy to obtain, since the risk of not receiving payments from financial institutions is very low.

Financing is normally not provided through the analysis of good registers, but rather by credit risk analysis.


It is necessary to pay close attention at the time of signing the contract of a financing so as not to be misled in any way.

In addition to being essential that a detailed research is done before the decision by some financial institution, in order to know their interest rates and payment deadlines.

When contracting a financing is made in order to buy a property, it is necessary that there be contracted insurance and the values ​​of the installments can not be higher than 30% of the income of the consumer.


There are some dangers in borrowing or financing that can be avoided.

Hiring a credit service with a financial institution such as a loan or a financing can be dangerous if some points are not taken into account.

Many people do not like to research before hiring some type of credit, which ends up showing quite negative results, such as paying a high total amount on account of interest rates.

It is imperative that all installments, whether loan or financing , are paid on time, in order to avoid the loss of the property in question and to get the name dirty.

Therefore, it is essential that the consumer has a very detailed financial planning, in addition to avoiding to contract parcels that damage his monthly budget for a long period of time.

So what’s the best choice?

Choosing between a loan or financing depends solely on the profile and need of the consumer.

Choosing between a loan or financing will depend solely on the profile and the need of the consumer when hiring one of these services.

Financing, such as vehicles or real estate, has lower interest rates because it has easy access to guaranteed funds, which can lower the rates offered by financial institutions. In addition, the rigor in the release of money is great and the asset is held as guarantee of payment until the last installment is paid.

However, financing has specific objectives and can not be used for other purposes.

When this service is contracted for the purchase of a vehicle, it may not have been manufactured for more than ten years. In the case of a property, some institutions require that the applicant be the first resident in order to obtain lower interest.

The loans are much easier to obtain and have much higher interest rates and a shorter time for all the installments to be paid. However, other than financing, they let their claimant decide where to use the credit obtained from a financial institution.

Payment terms also differ between a loan and a loan . While the loan has very long terms, such as 60 months for the purchase of a car and 30 years for a property, a loan has much shorter terms with an average of 3 years.

The longer the payment term, the lower the benefits and, therefore, the easier to pay.

In addition, the amounts made available for a loan are usually lower than those of a loan.

It is also important that the petitioner pays attention to interest rates, as there is no point in reaching long terms if rates are high, for example.

Because of this, this needs to be the main information that an applicant needs to look for before deciding whether to opt for a loan or a financing .

The annual interest rates for the acquisition of a vehicle are usually around 26% through financing, while the average interest rate for the contracting of a loan as payroll deductible loan for civil servants or pensioners is around 27.5%.

For example, a person who decides to buy a car worth $ 20,000 in 36 months needs to very carefully simulate the advantage of taking out a loan or financing to pay for the car.

Some companies offer, for the same consumer profile, several options of interest rates, payment terms, among others. The lower the payment time, the lower the interest rate and the total amount payable.

However, the longer the payment period, the lower the value of each installment, reducing the monthly debt of the applicant.

Therefore, it is imperative that the applicant check all existing interest rates and choose the lowest, taking into consideration the total time to pay your debt and your financial planning.

How do loans work?

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